Ground Vehicle Based Drones

Drones for Ground Vehicles

Planck’s technology enables fully autonomous drones for ground vehicles that can perform ISR missions while on the move and under cover without the need for a highly skilled pilot. Upon command from a user in the cab, a drone equipped with Planck’s ACEsystem can safely launch from a moving ground vehicle and complete a full mission without the need for the driver to stop. Live video is streamed directly to the user, including object detection, classification, and tracking data. At the end of the mission, the drone returns to the ground vehicle, no matter where it has driven, and executes a precision landing in the bed. An optional securing mechanism can automatically fasten the drone to the ground vehicle while not in flight. Planck has made drones for ground vehicles a reality, so that users can keep moving, stay safer, and perform their jobs more efficiently. 


Security & Defense

Truck-based drones are being deployed for many security and defense applications, where real-time situational awareness is dramatically enhanced by unmanned aircraft systems.

In these scenarios, operators need to stay safe and mobile in their vehicles, as well as focus on the job at hand, not on flying the drone. Planck’s truck-based drone systems use computer vision to perform real-time object detection, classification, and tracking. Autonomous drones for trucks are a force multiplier. Border Patrol drones using Planck’s technology can quickly fly over and around diverse terrain and stream data back to agents in their trucks. These Border Patrol drones can also share tactical information with other agents so that they can efficiently and safely operate, even in difficult, remote environments. Planck’s truck-based drones are compatible with ATAK for authorized customers.


Emergency Response

In emergencies, rapid response is essential, but responders must remain safe and mobile in order to perform their jobs effectively.

Drones have become important tools for search and rescue and first responder operations, but suffer from the “stop” problem, where users must stop what they are doing to pilot a drone, and stop moving while the drone is in flight. Planck’s truck-based drone systems are an ideal solution for search and rescue and first responder teams who can benefit from aerial imagery, but need to maintain freedom of motion to respond to a potentially dynamic environment. By equipping search and rescue trucks with drones, they can rapidly deploy aerial support, including automatic geo-located object detection capabilities, while repositioning to respond however is needed.


Convoy Support

Whether they are transporting personnel, equipment, supplies, or cargo, vehicle convoys need to maintain an high degree of real-time situational awareness in many areas of the world.

Army ground vehicle drones can provide information and imagery about what is around the next corner or over the next hill. Tethered drones on military vehicles in motion can provide persistent surveillance as well as a long range communications relay so that the convoy is always in contact. Planck’s convoy support drones can also help cargo companies securely transport goods through high risk areas. Planck has deployed tethered and untethered drones for truck convoy support.


Special Operations

Planck’s drones have been on multiple special forces trucks and other vehicles.

An optional securing mechanism can be attached to virtually any special forces vehicle, providing on-demand aerial surveillance without the need to stop and pilot the aircraft. Special forces ground vehicle drones can automatically launch, conduct a mission, and recover while the vehicle is underway. Flexible payload options include optical, IR, and SIGINT.

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