Planck’s Drones Team with Unmanned Surface Vehicles

SAN DIEGO – On September 14, Planck Aero participated in a port security / counter-terrorism exercise at Naval Base San Diego, which included teaming Planck’s Shearwater Drone System with an unmanned surface vehicle (USV), the first such pairing in history. The successful exercise included the drone launching from the USV, detecting and following unknown vessels in the vicinity, and providing geo-location information to a second USV, which deployed an ROV to the provided location. At the conclusion, the drone intercepted the USV and executed a precision landing. The exercise was overseen by DoD’s Physical Security Enterprise & Analysis Group (PSEAG).

Details of the event, including photos and video, are included in the San Diego Union-Tribune’s recent article, which was included in the September 24, 2017 Sunday edition.