Drone Autonomy Solutions

Planck’s products are designed to enable workers and security personnel to take advantage of the benefits of aerial drone systems without impacting their mobility or other tasks. Planck offers solutions for when stopping is not an option. Contact Planck for more information on all of our products, including demonstration opportunities.


ACE: Autonomous Control Engine

Vision-based navigation solution enables fully autonomous UAS operation, including push-button takeoff and precision landing from confined spaces, moving vehicles, and vessels at sea.

ACE forms the core of Planck’s navigation solutions for highly autonomous drone operations from moving vehicles. ACE is a hardware-software solution for existing UAS, and has been integrated into UAS of various size and configurations to unlock precision landing capabilities. Suitable for VTOL UAS, the ACE system provides high-precision takeoff, landing, and flight relative to stationary or moving platforms. It provides GPS-optional operation, requires minimal operator training, and minimal installed hardware. ACE offers the lowest SWAP-C for precision landing on the move. Contact Planck Aero to discuss how we can equip your fleet of advanced UAVs with new capabilities.  


Mobile Tethered Systems

The ACE™ guidance and navigation system enables tethered drone to fly from moving boats and trucks.

Tethered drones provide long endurance surveillance, long range communications relays, and other critical safety, security, and defense functions. With ACE™, tethered aircraft systems can launch and land while the vehicle is moving, and remain safely overhead throughout the entire mission. Since power and data can be passed over the tether, ultralong flights with RF-silent signatures are possible from both vessels and ground vehicles. The system ensures that the tethered UAV has minimal footprint and installed hardware, so that they can be deployed on trucks, small boats, unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and unmanned surface vehicles (USV).


On-Board Intelligence (OBI™)

OBI™ is a tightly integrated autonomy module that revolutionizes advanced drone operations.

Planck Aero's OBI™ module combines a high-performance Nvidia TX2 computer, Pixhawk 2.1 autopilot, power distribution, and extensive I/O for an unmatched level of autonomous flight to small UAS—including AI computer vision capabilities. OBI can be retrofit to legacy drones of almost any shape or configuration, and provides I/O for a variety of advanced sensors and power distribution for up to 8 motors. Contact Planck for complete specifications, quotation, and application support.



Computer vision software for unmanned systems

OpTrack™ intelligent computer vision software performs real-time neural network-based detection, classification, tracking, and localization of a range of user-defined objects (human, vehicle, marine mammal, etc.). OpTrack™ assists in sensor exploitation by automating tedious detection and tracking tasks for a wide range of EO and IR payloads by running in real-time on low SWAP embedded computers. The Linux based system has broad hardware compatibility. OpTrack™ is sold as a software license or as an option on Planck’s OBI™ module to enable closed-loop control of UAS. Contact Planck for options to customize OpTrack™ for your application.

LARS_ground vehicle.png

Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

To operate from moving vehicles, including unmanned vehicles, Planck developed an automatic drone Launch and Recovery System (LARS). The LARS device secures the drone in place and releases it immediately prior to takeoff. Upon landing, LARS automatically secures the drone. LARS contains the ground electronics and communication systems for operating on the move.

Developed specifically for off-road and tactical ground vehicles, the LARS ruggedized and adaptable to a wide variety of configurations, including installation into the bed of a truck, secured to a roll cage, or integrated into a UGV. Customization is available for tighter integration into vehicles. Contact Planck for more information.