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Requirements: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering or Master in Computer Science or foreign equivalent.

Special Requirements Include: Must also demonstrate background, coursework or knowledge in: Digital signal processing including discrete timelinear systems, Fourier transforms, FFTs, Z-transforms, FIR and IIR filters, quantization, sampling, adaptive filters, real-time adaptive signal processing, MATLAB programming, aliasing, signal reconstruction, spectral analysis.

 Job Description: Perform research and development for innovative technologies for unmanned aircraft systems. Support software and hardware development, including creating, testing, and iterating on that that will drive product development. Develop novel computer vision applications for sUAS navigation systems with traditional and cutting-edge algorithms and software. Develop and evaluate novel algorithms and software to improve legacy computer vision code. Improve and adapt software to new hardware systems and computing platforms. Write software test and automation systems in support of new code. Support testing and demonstrations through rapid iteration of algorithm and code development. Implementing C++/C/Python/MATLAB algorithms and interfaces to existing autopilots, cameras, and other sensors. Hardware integration and software testing and debugging. Lab and field testing of unmanned systems and components. Develop internal image processing algorithms. General software repository maintenance & documentation. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for object detection & recognition. Real-time 2D & 3D object tracking with Kalman filters. Image registration applications for during-flight and post-processed video data. Real-time pattern detection for pose estimation and localization.

Please send resume to job location at: Planck Aerosystems, Inc., 2065 Kurtz St, San Diego, CA 92110.